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Happy love month, and welcome to our very first editorial platform of Industri-tainment, this is home. Representation is everything. Before we delve in, Industri-tainment would like to acknowledge Mnet, and congratulate Anele Mdoda for representing SA Entertainment at the 92nd Oscar Awards in Los Angeles this year. Writing has always been a form of therapy for me. Now, I have the privilege of writing and sharing about things I’m most passionate about, different forms of Art, business, education, entertainment, travel and food. I am an Audiovisual Production graduate, and have had the honour and privilege of working in the television industry for over a decade. It is such an honour, blessing and an inspiration to be celebrating this love month by sharing some of my favourite reads, honeymoon destinations, and simple ideas for an indoor, intimate V-Day celebration. As a young South African, it is inspirational to be writing about ladies who have found their footing in this challenging, male dominated and ever-changing film and television industry, and thriving forward in it. We also introduce you to the scope of the industry, in an attempt to help you understand what it takes to make it in this industry, and identifying available opportunities.

Industri-tainment is an artistic newsletter that hopes to align itself with philosophies of diversity, transformation, growth and good corporate citizenship, targeting the new generation youth, students, working class, creative organisations and the community at large. As a film and television graduate, my passion is always aligned with changing the face of the arts in my country, creating content that aligns with local youth and stakeholders. Industri-tainment is about joining the dots of creativity and showcasing all the elements that form the crux of our entertainment industry.

We believe that Industri-tainment will be a successful player by facilitating transformation and empowerment to those we feature, creating an alternative platform that will encourage and celebrate local talent. We are an educational publication for the performing artists and filmmakers, analyzing what goes on in front of the camera and behind the scenes to inspire potential filmmakers, audiences and sponsors. We are an advertorial platform for companies that trust us with their brands. We aim at bridging the skills shortage gap within the creative industry space by equipping our target audience with the “know-how” and guidance towards required information.

Industri-tainment is a ZSP Global initiative. We are an independent media solutions company that aims to inspire our clients and audiences alike. We are a catalyst for change, and an engine for improvement. Our vision is to play a role in the diverse growing media landscape in our country. Our mission is to create an immersive experience for our clients and audiences, creating quality and innovative works, and to be a voice and platform for artists. We believe that transformation starts at home.

Here’s to an Amazing Ride on this Colourful Slope of Creativity! Until next month.


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